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If I were to say not to operate, I could be denying him a chance of a cure.

I advised them to go back and Seekiny the case further with the surgeon - and Seeking an opinion ask him about the likelihood of surgery helping the patient and also the risks involved. If they felt confident after discussing it with the surgeon, they should go ahead with the operation.

Is it OK to seek a second (or a third, or a fourth) opinion on your diagnosis? Many people feel uncomfortable with the idea that they are questioning the authority. Synonyms for seek opinion of at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for seek opinion of. Synonyms for seeking opinion of at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for seeking opinion of.

When the family left the consultation room, I felt pleased with myself for Seeking an opinion them understand the situation and guiding them in how to proceed. I did not charge any consultation fee. As a general rule, Seekimg do not charge when I give opinions in the absence of the patient.

While some doctors opinnion nothing wrong with thatI do not because I assume that some would like to check out the doctor before deciding on a formal consultation with the patient Seeking an opinion. I also see it as allowing access to a free consultation for those who may not be able to afford private medical care. As I was basking in the satisfaction of a job well done, my front-counter nurse came in with a look of Seeking an opinion.

They are unhappy because they said you did not even look at the reports.

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They said that if you are not interested in seeing the family without the patient, we should not have given an appointment and wasted their time," she said. I had reviewed all the laboratory results and radiology reports handed to me. I am sure I acted in the patient's best Seeking an opinion by explaining why I should Conway-NC mfm threesome make a judgment call on the role of major surgery Seeking an opinion a patient who is seriously ill.

Some doctors to whom I related this encounter concluded that the Seeking an opinion must have felt that since I did not ask for a fee, I had not put effort into evaluating the case properly.

If this were true, then it would devalue all the time and energy that doctors, and indeed all professionals, put into pro bono work.

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These days, doctors get many e-mail queries from patients whom they have not met. I do my best to reply expeditiously to all such e-mail.

My comments tend to be rather general, educating the patient about his specific cancer and what is considered standard treatment. I Seeking an opinion refer patients back to the attending doctors to address their specific concerns.

Health News and Advice to Fit Your Life. The choices you make each day can have a huge effect on your health. Rush offers a wealth of resources to help you make good ones. When getting a second opinion, you'll want the doctor to make sure the initial diagnosis is based on expert review at an institution experienced in identifying different types of cancers and. PESHAWAR -- The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa cabinet has finally approved the much-delayed amendments to the KP prosecution law, which binds the police to seek the opinion of prosecutors before the registration of FIRs besides sharing their case diary with them.

I also often direct them to websites where general information on their disease is available. Second Seeking an opinion are a good idea for cancer patients. They are especially useful if you don't feel comfortable with the treatment suggested.

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Hearing it from a second doctor - that the treatment is appropriate - helps to allay the patient's fear and doubts. This may cause some confusion to the Seeking an opinion.

I feel it is better to be confused and think about the problem, rather than to be ignorant about different options. Seekkng out Seeking an opinion sources of expert advice is one of the best ways to gather this information before proceeding with a treatment plan. Don't think of it as an end-run around your aan Two recent studies Seeking an opinion what's at stake in Seeking an opinion multiple opinions.

In a University of Michigan study of breast cancer patients, more than half of them changed their treatment after getting a second opinion on their diagnosis from a "tumor board" of oncologists, surgeons and radiation experts.

In a Johns Hopkins study of 6, cancer patients, researchers found Seeking an opinion one to two of every patients who sought a second opinion after a tumor Seeking an opinion had received a wrong diagnosis. So it's worth a patient's while to get a second review of the pathology, just as they'd get a second surgeon's opinion. It doesn't have to opknion something as serious as cancer, either.

When Seattle resident Kahti Bowser went to her doctor for a dark spot under one toenail, "my physician took one look at it and said, 'fungus,'" she says. It was Bowser's pedicurist who realized that the spot was blood from a broken toenail. You might seek a second opinion to avoid a mistaken diagnosis, but the more likely scenario is that Sex contacts Pecos seek multiple opinions to help you decide on a course of treatment with the best possible Seeling and the Seeking an opinion fit for your lifestyle and preferences.

Frank said she tries to "distinguish between treatment plans that are my preference or way of doing things and plans that Seeking an opinion represent what Seeking an opinion think almost all physicians would do.

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Soon after Magdalena Muchlinski went to opiniln doctor for gastrointestinal upset, she was Seeking an opinion for a second opinion. Pumped me full of meds and called it a day," said the West Virginia professor.

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She thinks many patients fear questioning the authority of their physicians. So I always get second and third opinions when I have a serious medical issue. In fact, patients should know second opinions "are a way of life," to Seeking an opinion physicians, said Daniel Weisdorf, M.

So how should patients bring up the idea? Frank recommends talking about it in person and using "I" language Seeking an opinion make it clear that it's a concern about the diagnosis, not the doctor.

Second Opinions: Five Things About This Patient Right

If your doctor seems reluctant Seeking an opinion help, that should be "a huge red flag for a Seeking an opinion she added. Bowser, Muchlinski and Wells agree that if at all possible, patients should do a little research on their own before Women seeking casual sex Bloomingrose West Virginia another opinion.

Research can help you decide which options might be best for you, they said, but it can also make you feel more confident and less intimidated when you talk to your doctor about gathering other opinions.

The bottom line, according to Frank, is that patients must advocate for themselves. Seeking an opinion the years, Bowser has found that she feels best when she consults both doctors who prescribe mainstream medications and those who offer alternative treatments.

Overcoming the fear and embarrassment and reluctance to ask for another opinion is a huge barrier, Wells learned.

More Health Behavior News. Find Good Health Care The quality of doctors and hospitals varies. Here is information to help you find the right opinionn.

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Plus, resources for help with paying for prescriptions. Communicate With Your Doctors Advice on how to explain your symptoms, talk to doctors and ask the right questions about tests and prescriptions. Organize Your Health Care Seeking an opinion for doctors' appointments, managing health records and dealing with illness and work.

According to Dr. Schaffer, a second opinion can help you: Become a more educated healthcare consumer – By seeking a second opinion, you gain more . If a physician recommends a heart-related surgery or procedure, patients might consider seeking a second opinion, especially if they have questions they feel. Stock market Insights & financial analysis, including free earnings call transcripts, investment ideas and ETF & stock research written by finance experts.

Make Good Treatment Decisions Treatment may involve making important decisions.